2 November 2012

Palmira Bastos


Maria da Conceição Martinez de Sousa Bastos (1875-1967), or Palmira Bastos, as she was best known, was a portuguese actress. She was the third daughter of Pedro Echevarría Martínez and Maria das Dores, both spanish actors who worked in a travelling theatre company. In 1894, Palmira married the theatre producer António de Sousa Bastos(1844-1911),with whom she had her only daughter, Amélia Bastos. Her second husband was António de Almeida da Cruz. 


Her theatrical debut was in 1890 with the play "The Kingdom of Women", by E. Blum. This was only the beginning of a 75-year career, which only ended in 1966. Palmira Bastos played dramas, comedies, operettas and vaudeville as well. She also made an appearance in a silent film, "Destiny", in 1922.

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