23 April 2012

Leonide Leblanc (1842-1894)

She was one of the most famous French actress/courtesans of the 2nd Empire and was known as “Mademoiselle Maximum.” It was said that if you put her on top of Mount Blanc, she would still be accesible. She was voluptuousness in flesh and blood. Her most famous lover/protector was the Duc d’Aumale. Traveling by train to see the Duke, Leonide shared a first-class compartment with some society matrons whose country estates were in the vicinity of the Duke’s chateau. 

Each was showing off how well she knew its master. “I’m lunching with the duke tomorrow,” announced one. “We’re having tea with him Saturday,” claimed the next, while a third kept up the round with “ We are invited to dine there on Sunday.” At this moment the train pulled into the station. Leonide rose and said with her sweetest smile, “And I, ladies, am sleeping with His Highness tonight.”

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