12 March 2011

Gaby Deslys

Gaby Deslys (1881-1920), the irresistible French actress, singer and dancer, was 'discovered' in Paris by the impresario George Edwardes, who brought her to London for a cameo role, 'The Charm of Paris,' in The New Aladdin at the Gaiety Theatre (29 September 1906). She conquered Broadway in 1911 and later that year effortlessly upstaged her co-star, the rising Al Jolson, in Vera Violetta (Winter Garden Theatre, 20 November 1911).

Mlle. Deslys appeared in several films and her only known recordings were made in Paris on 17 October 1910. Her long-time dancing partner was the American Harry Pilcer (1885-1961) and together they created 'The Gaby Glide,' also in Vera Violetta.

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